Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, in a meeting with Turkey's deputy foreign minister, stated that no one can make decisions for the Palestinian people, emphasizing that Islamic countries should help the Palestinian people decide on their destiny.

Iran PressIran news: The new round of political consultations between Iran and Turkey was held on Thursday with the meeting of Ali Bagheri Keni, the political deputy of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ahmad Yildiz, the deputy foreign minister of Turkey, as the heads of the two countries' delegations in Tehran.

The talks were focused on bilateral relations, and regional and international developments, particularly the situation in Gaza, where Israeli air and ground attacks have killed more than 19,000 people, displaced more than 90% of the population and destroyed over 60% of infrastructure.

The Deputy Foreign Ministers of Iran and Turkey also emphasized the importance of continuing consultation, and cooperation between the two countries in the Caucasus issues and confronting the presence and destructive role of extra-regional factors.

The two senior diplomats mainly discussed the continuation of war crimes, genocide against Palestinian people by the Zionist regime, and the need to take effective measures to stop these crimes while providing immediate aid to Gazans and preventing the displacement of the Palestinian people. 

In this meeting, Bagheri Kani, referring to the all-round support of the United States to the Zionist regime in the continuation of crimes against the people of Gaza and the international community's will to stop the Israeli crimes, stated: "No one can decide for the Palestinian people; therefore, Islamic countries should help the Palestinian people to decide their destiny."

Yildiz also enumerated the actions of Turkey to stop the crimes of Israel and help the Palestinian people and described the cooperation of the two countries in this field as important and desirable. 219

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