IP -Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the German ambassador to Tehran over leveling unfounded accusations against the Islamic Republic by a court in Germany and also Swedish charge d'affaires following the measure by a Swedish court against Hamid Nouri, and the strong protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran was communicated to him.

Iran PressIran news: Majid Nili Ahmadabadi, the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry's Western Europe Department, conveyed Iran’s protest to Hans-Udo Muzel over unacceptable accusations leveled by a German court against the Islamic country.

The Iranian diplomat notified the German ambassador that Iran has been hosting followers of different divine religions for centuries, while certain countries have a dark history of persecution of Jewish people, Iran has a brilliant background in enhancing coexistence because respecting devotees of divine religions is well enshrined in Islam and the Iranian culture.

He also advised Germany to stop leveling accusations and meeting the demands of the Israeli regime, which triggers fake tensions to amend its recent failures in facing Palestinians.

The German ambassador vowed that he would convey Iran’s message to his capital.

Some media outlets have reported that a court in Germany claimed that a man who is accused of attacking a synagogue in the western city of Bochum in November 2022 traveled to Iran, but there is no evidence to prove any relationship between the man and Tehran.

Strong protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran over Swedish court verdict

In this summons, the Director General of Western Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while strongly condemning the actions taken against this Iranian citizen, said: "It is unfortunate that the false claims of individuals and groups that have committed the most heinous terrorist and anti-human acts against the people of Iran, Iraq, and Europe for decades.

And, it is invoked in a court with minimum standards of fair proceedings, and it is allowed to pursue the political purposes of poisonous and destructive currents by abusing legal mechanisms.

The Director General of Western Europe added: "Swedish court has stepped in the wrong direction during the hearing of this fabricated and fake case, by filing false accusations, without considering the criteria of the judicial process."

The Director General of Western Europe pointed out that following the goals and objectives of anti-Iranian terrorist and separatist groups and a group whose hands are stained with the blood of more than 17 thousand Iranians once again proved the double behavior of human rights claimants.

The Director General of Western Europe added: The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to continue pursuing the lost rights of its citizens until complete freedom from the clutches of injustice and reserves its right to take appropriate steps.

The chargé d'affaires of the Swedish embassy stated that he would report the situation to the capital of his country as soon as possible.


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