Thousands of people took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Wednesday to protest against the government's economic shock measures, put forward by Argentina's new libertarian president, Javier Milei.

Iran PressAmerica: Thousands of Argentines took to the streets across the country, this Wednesday, December 20, “against the economic austerity measures” implemented by newly elected president Javier Milei’s government.

The day was marked by high tension early on, following a major police operation carried out at the main entrances to the city of Buenos Aires.

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, announced that she would debut her “anti-picketing protocol”, presented last Friday December 15, and threatened that they would not allow the demonstration to take place. However, the call to mobilization managed to overcome the fear that the government tried to instill.

Security forces failed to meet this radical objective. The high turnout made it impossible for demonstrators to march only on the sidewalk, as the government wanted. Protestors advanced with banners and drums along the entire width of the two avenues leading to the Plaza de Mayo, the epicenter of the protest, and traffic had to be diverted to nearby streets.

The crowd chanted “worker unity,” while some protesters approached the police cordon to insult the riot police. They were prepared for arrests and whistled as vans passed by. 219

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