Pakistani scholar:

Islamabad (IP)- The famous Pakistani religious scholar and the Head Imam of Grand Madni Mosque, Molana Khaleeq Ur Rahman Chisti emphasized that a boycott of Israeli products will kill Zionists automatically.

Iran PressAsia: While talking to Iran Press he said, "Yes, of course, it is beneficial, it is their economic murder, they are the product of this world, materialistic, and only the world is before them. So boycotting their products is an advantage."

He said, "As Hamas Mujahideen are waging Jihad in Gaza, we can not reach there, so our Jihad is to boycott all their products and kill them economically. The benefit of the recent boycott of their products was that they had to announce discount packages and reduce prices on their products, so if the Muslims come together and boycott their products and kill them economically, the Zionists will die automatically."


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