Vienna (IP)- Iran's representative in the International Atomic Energy Agency said that acceptance of inspectors appointed by the IAEA or rejecting some of them is not a new issue and this is the right of any country to accept or reject some inspectors.

Iran PressEurope: Mohsen Naziri-Asl, Iran's representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) in Vienna, said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press that, within the framework of the comprehensive safeguards agreements, the list of inspectors is usually updated in some cases and countries have a right to reject or accept any appointed inspector.

The envoy, pointing out that the Islamic Republic of Iran is within the legal framework of comprehensive safeguards agreements, added: Iran decided to cancel the appointment of a number of IAEA inspectors this time. Still, recently it has accepted other inspectors, which is normal.

Mohsen Naziri-Asl rejects that Iran's decision may affect the IAEA's ability to use experienced inspectors and said: There are more than 120 inspectors on the body's list and this should not become a problem for IAEA or any other Western countries unless they may have political or other goals.


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