Sana'a (IP) - The Grand Mufti of Yemen says that the Al-Aqsa storm operation showed the steadfastness and strength of the Palestinian resistance, and the Al-Aqsa storm operation was the slap of the century to the Zionist regime, and the regime had never faced such a blow.

Iran PressWest Asia:  Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter in Sana'a, said: The reaction of the Zionist regime to the Al-Aqsa storm operation is the killing of Palestinian women and children in Gaza, which shows the powerlessness and weakness of this regime.

Sharaf al-Din emphasized that if the Islamic and Arab governments remain silent and cooperate with the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza, they will be humiliated in public opinion.

He announced the duty of Islamic leaders, scholars, and intellectuals to awaken the human conscience to the crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the Palestinians in Gaza.

After the end of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, the new round of barbaric attacks by the Zionist regime with the support of the US and other supporters of the regime has resumed in different areas of the Gaza Strip.


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