Islamabad (IP)- The doctors of Islamabad demonstrated in support of Palestinian doctors and oppressed Palestinians.

Iran PressAsia: The doctors also raised Palestinian flags and placards in favor of the Palestine.While talking to Iran Press, renowned physician and head of Pakistan Medical Association Professor Dr. Akhtar Bandisha said," The wars have been in the world but this type of war we never observed, there's no respect to the international laws and the indiscriminate bombing, killing of children and women and elderly.

Not allowing any shelter, food and medicine and bombing hospitals, it has never been in the history".On this occasion, the doctors raised slogans of "Death to Israel" and demanded an end to the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime on the Palestinians.

Dr. Maryam said while talking to Iran Press, " There is loss of everything, loss of property and loss of business, but the biggest loss is the children, because this is their growing age and the loss they will have now will last for the rest of their lives. Such children are prone to various mental disorders even though they should get a healthy environment."

The doctors said in their protest that the Israeli regime is creating problems in delivering aid to the suffering Palestinians. Talking to Iran Press, Dr. Mubasher, a well-known skin specialist, said," people are being killed in Gaza, doctors, civil society, children and elderly are being killed and major problem is that no one is to stop them. United Nations is trying its best but even it failed to stop them".

Doctors said that the victims of this cruelty are especially children, the effects of war and brutality are on their faces and they will go through enough of a trauma. While talking to Iran Press, Dr. Haiqa said, " "Even we the people watching this can't adjust the situation then imagine how they are facing it who are actually living there and specially the children who are losing their loved ones, these children will get depressed for whole their life and they don't see their future hopeful".

The doctors demanded that the self-proclaimed superpowers in the world take practical measures to stop Israeli brutality.


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