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Beijing(IP)- Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs said that within the framework of the Beijing agreement between the three high-ranking officials of Iran, China and Saudi Arabia, a tripartite joint committee will be formed every six months to review the prospects of bilateral and multilateral relations.

Iran PressAsia: "Ali Bagheri Kani" regarding the results of the tripartite meeting between Iran, China and Saudi Arabia in Beijing noted, "The meeting was very good and constructive and useful issues were discussed in the Beijing meeting."

Iran's top diplomat also in response to the Iran Press reporter's question in Beijing about the nature of Tehran-Riyadh relations, highlighted that Iran-Saudi relations had entered the right direction and the two countries were working with serious will to improve Tehran-Riyadh relations.

Bagheri Kani has emphasized that Iran and Saudi Arabia have good capacities to expand and promote bilateral relations, and the important thing is that these relations will not be limited to the relations between Tehran and Riyadh, and the positive consequences of bilateral relations will affect regional and world developments.

Iran's deputy foreign minister for political affairs said," Iran and Saudi Arabia are two big countries with energy reserves, and in this sense, they have a special position in the world to rely on."

Bagheri added that Iran and Saudi Arabia were two coastal countries in the north and south of the Persian Gulf and were playing an important role in regional security, and the dimensions of Iran-Saudi relations were wide.

The Iranian diplomat has also stated that with China's mediation in the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a new page has been opened in international relations and the power of multilateralism is being demonstrated.

Bagheri Kani has emphasized that the world will no longer wait for the destructive unilateral interference of the United States and that China will try to show a new face of multilateralism in the international arena with its capacities, and Iran welcomes this role-playing by China.

During a two-day trip to Beijing, the capital of China, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs, while participating in the second tripartite meeting of Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia, held very important consultations with high-ranking Chinese political officials.

Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia stressing the need to maintain peace and security in the region of West Asia and the Persian Gulf, agreed on the continuation of the common goals set by the heads of the three countries to develop friendly relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia as much as possible, along with the maximum expansion of trilateral cooperation with China on various political and economic dimensions.


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