The Balfour Declaration was a letter written in 1917 by British Foreign Minister Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, a Jewish politician and member of the British House of Commons. This letter is noted as one of the documents to let the occupation of Palestine.

Iran PressCommentary: In this letter, the then-British Foreign Minister announced the positive position of his government to establish a national home for Jews in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration is one of the most shameful statements in the history of the UK, which is known as the historical background for the creation of a national state for the Jews in Palestine.

The Balfour Declaration is one of the most colonial international documents in history, because a colonialist government gave the land, Palestine, it did not own, on behalf of those who owned it, Palestinians, to those who did not deserve it at all, Zionists.

A tragedy that led to the occupation of a land and the displacement of a nation in an unprecedented way in history. Following the issuance of the Balfour Declaration, which was written in the framework of the campaign "Settling people in a homeland without a nation", the massive immigration of Jews to the historical lands of Palestine began.


Balfour's famous letter with the words "Dear Lord Rothschild, I am very happy to communicate on behalf of His Majesty's Government our sympathy and empathy with the wishes and aspirations of the Zionist Jews, which have been presented to the Council of Ministers and agreed to."

It begins and continues like this: "His Majesty's government follows with interest the establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine and will do its best to make it possible. It should be clearly understood that nothing should ever be done against and to the detriment of the civil rights of non-Jewish groups living in Palestine or the rights and legal status of Jews in other countries. This letter was later approved by the governments of Italy, France and America. 

After the issuance of this declaration, Jewish immigration to the Palestinian land accelerated between 1920-1940. Following the Second World War and its consequences for European Jews, this migration gained new dimensions. Mohsen Saleh, director of the al-Zaytouna research center, said, referring to Balfour's promise, "During the occupation of Palestine (1948-1920), the UK implemented part of this promise, namely the creation of a homeland for the Jews. However, the term of not harming the Palestinians, who made up 92% of this land at that time, has not been implemented. Meanwhile, 106 years have passed since the issuance of this shameful declaration and 85% of Palestine's geography has been occupied by the Israeli regime."


At the same time, 106 years have passed since the Balfour declaration announcement, and the Zionist regime has been carrying out all-out attacks against the Gaza Strip since 25 days ago.

Ashraf al-Qadara, the spokesperson of the Gaza Ministry of Health, announced today (Tuesday) that the number of martyrs has reached 8,525 since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa flood operation, of which 3,542 are children and 2,187 are women.

The important point is that the Zionist regime is carrying out the current attacks against the Gaza Strip with the full support of the Western governments, especially the United States and England. These governments not only prevent the establishment of any ceasefire in Gaza, but they have also foiled any attempt by the Security Council to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime.

By Seyed Razi Emadi

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